Anti Money Laundering Real Estate – Get Certified Now

What you’ll learn

• How money launderers use the real estate market for money laundering or placement of illicit funds
• How to apply AML procedures and KYC checks to Real Estate related businesses
• Which additional risk factors apply to Real Estate related businesses.
• How real estate related businesses can satisfy the legal compliance requirements
• How these risks can be minimized

Intended audience

• Entry-level AML compliance professionals looking to expand their knowledge
• Mid-level AML compliance professionals looking to expand their knowledge
• Individuals looking to start a career in AML compliance for Real Estate related companies
• Real Estate related business owners and their staff
• Individuals working in Real Estate related Businesses
• Entrepreneurs looking to start a Real Estate related business
• Lawyers and notaries dealing with real estate transactions

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Anti money laundering real estate is a very important part in the overall global effort to combat money laundering. Criminals are constantly looking for ways to launder dirty funds and ultimately find areas to invest their freshly laundered illicit funds. Purchasing property or assets is a popular method for money launderers to invest and diverse the funds even further. In the past purchasing a property was easy and even possible using large amounts of cash, no questions were asked regarding the origin of the funds. Nowadays, this is not as easy in most jurisdictions anymore, however money launderers are aware of the situation and are constantly looking for methods to obscure the origin of the funds.

Anti money laundering real estate awareness is essential for all parties involved in the purchase and sale of real estate, this includes real estate agents, notaries and lawyers. Awareness of red flags and money laundering indicators which are then further investigated is essential in ensuring to keep illicit funds out of the real estate economy.

It is not necessary to install an anti-money laundering and know your customer department in every lawyers office, however periodic training and raising of awareness helps reduce the risk greatly. This way regulated entities are able to remain compliant with the regulations imposed by the finance intelligence unit.


Will you aid us in the fight against money laundering and prevent money launderers from abusing the real estate sector in order to create a safe and innovative real estate environment for everyone? Our certified courses prepare you for the intricacies of money laundering risks in the real estate sector.

Business Owners

Ensure that your business or institution remains compliant in order to avoid fines and other restrictions so that you can focus on entirely on optimizing and promoting your product or service. Educated employees can increase effectiveness and reduce costs when undertaking relevant anti-money laundering checks and ongoing monitoring. AFC Academy certified employees are ready to go immediately and save you a lot of time & effort in the ongoing efforts in anti money laundering real estate.