AML Training: Anti-Money Laundering Essentials – Get Qualified Now

What you’ll learn

• What is money laundering & it’s history
• Basic principles of money laundering
• How to prevent money laundering
• Consequences of non-compliance
• Different AML concepts & Risk Factors
• Sanctions & Embargoes
• Country Risk factors
• Screening
• Politically exposed persons
• Adverse media
• Know your customer (KYC)
• Transaction monitoring

Intended audience

• Anyone looking for a career change into the field of anti-financial crime and anti-money laundering
• Entry-level AML compliance professionals
• Mid-level AML compliance professionals
• Individuals looking to start a career in AML compliance
• Individuals looking to boost their career & knowledge in AML compliance
• Business owners of businesses which are required to comply with AML regulations
• Business owners looking for AML training to train their staff on AML compliance

Course characteristics
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 Real-life example cases
Interactive tasks
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Personalized Certificate
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Live Q&A Session with one of our training professionals
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Standard Course
Certified Course

Money laundering is a global issue that has increased in scope with the ongoing globalization. The financial sector including the transfer of money and funds is a highly international and complex industry. International regulators and financial intelligence units are constantly working together with the ultimate goal to reduce money laundering and criminal activities to a minimum.

The methods used by criminals vary greatly and constantly evolve, digitally as well as analog. It is a cat & mouse game. Our AML training course will prepare you individually or your team in case of a regulated institution to gain the upper hand and identify money laundering indicators and red flags efficiently and thus reduce the money laundering risk and also remain compliant with the rules and regulations set by the regulator.

The AML training course: AML Essentials starts with the history of money laundering and the basic principles and then dives deeper into common AML practices and trends. This AML training course refers to historical events, included interactive elements and assignments in order to provide you with practical know-how and prepare you for the tasks at hand in a manner that would allow you to start AML and KYC work immediately. Monday morning readiness is one of our main philosophies in our AML training concept.


Will you aid us in the fight against money laundering and prevent money launderers from abusing the financial sector in order to create a safe and innovative shopping environment for everyone? Our certified courses prepare you for the intricacies of money laundering risks in the financial sector.

Business Owners

Ensure that your business or institution remains compliant in order to avoid fines and other restrictions so that you can focus on entirely on optimizing and promoting your product or service. Educated employees can increase effectiveness and reduce costs when undertaking relevant anti-money laundering checks and ongoing monitoring. AFC Academy certified employees are ready to go immediately and save you a lot of time & effort in the ongoing efforts in AML.