AML Knowledge Check – Free & On-Demand


What is your or your teams’ knowledge level in the area of anti-money laundering (AML) and know your customer (KYC)?

Find out in our approx. 60 min. long knowledge check. This knowledge check also serves to select the most appropriate course level for you.

Find out if you are ready to be an analyst, quality checker or subject matter expert now!

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This free AML Knowledge Check is the perfect opportunity for you to determine your anti-money laundering and know-your-customer knowledge level. Find out if you are ready to take the step from Analyst to checker or subject matter expert (SME)?

After the free AML knowledge check you will receive a final mark and be offered courses that suit your anti-money laundering (AML) know-your-customer (KYC) knowledge level. This way you can effectively expand your knowledge no matter if you are a beginner, intermediate or an expert. Our courses range from basic anti-money laundering and know-your-customer to advanced courses. For more advanced individuals and AML experts we offer industry specific courses and deep dives into specific anti-money laundering topics. Our courses offer a wide selection of content from the world of anti-financial crime.

The AML knowledge check includes a variety of relevant questions and scenarios that a AML/KYC analyst would encounter in his or her daily work ranging from, but not limited to: data collection, ownership drilldown, screening, risk factors and politically exposed persons. The free AML knowledge check covers the broad spectrum of topics relevant in the world of anti-money laundering, know-you-customer and anti-financial crime. The questions are designed to be accessible for everyone while being challenging enough to test even experts. This range enables us to determine your level accurately no matter what your previous knowledge level is.

We also offer AML knowledge checks and KYC knowledge checks for your business. Knowledge checks can be even be individually adapted to include further content such as your internal policy or processes. Feel free to contact us for a more individually modified knowledge check suited to the needs of your institution. Get a great overview of your workforce and identify individuals who may require additional training on certain topics. Furthermore you can identify which topics are clear and which topics may require additional training. This way knowledge gaps can be identified efficiently and action can be taken accordingly by further training or perhaps by simplifying the processes.

Process or policy updates can also be followed up by a quick knowledge check. This way you can ensure that such updates have been conveyed clearly and without misunderstanding. Furthermore no employee can excuse themselves, that they misunderstood the update and lastly the knowledge check for updates can be used as a confirmation that everyone received the update. Employees who did not take part in the update knowledge check can be reminded after a previously defined time frame and requested to confirm.


Will you aid us in the fight against money laundering and prevent money launderers from abusing the financial sector in order to create a safe and innovative financial environment for end consumers and businesses. This AML knowledge check helps you choose the right course to start or continue your fight against financial crime.

Business Owners

Ensure that your business or institution remains compliant in order to avoid fines and other restrictions so that you can focus on entirely on optimizing and promoting your product or service. Educated employees can increase effectiveness and reduce costs when undertaking relevant anti-money laundering checks and ongoing monitoring. AFC Academy certified employees are ready to go immediately and save you a lot of time & effort in the ongoing efforts in AML Fintech.