Leadership Skill Development Training

What you’ll learn

• The main characteristics of a leader
• Interpersonal skills that inspire
• Communication worthy of following
• How to deal with crisis situations

Intended audience

• Entry-Mid level employees looking to take the next step in their career
• Managers looking to deepen their knowledge and gain new insights
• Business owners of small & medium sized businesses

Course characteristics
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This leadership skill development training course teaches you the skills required to motivate and manage a productive team to achieve your business goals. A motivated and happy workforce increases efficiency, creativity and production. Futhermore, it creates an encouraging work environment in which employees enjoy working in.

The leadership skill development course will teach you how to motivate your team. Motivation is essential for efficient workers. Some individuals can self-motivate while others may require external influence to achieve a good level of motivation. The course will cover the following topics in regard to motivation:

Setting of clear goals

An understanding of what one is working towards is essential in order to motivate and inspire employees. This creates a vision everyone feels a part of and can work towards with an achievable end result in sight. Milestones and subgoals are equally important. Goals must be SMART: Specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and timely. This leadership skill development training will elaborate on the abovementioned points in more detail using practical learning methods.

Effective communication

Communication is a two-way street and should be encouraged constantly. Communication comes in the form of updates, ideas, opinions, feedback and more. Giving employees the chance to speak up is essential as it gives them a feeling of being part of something and also having a voice that is heard. This leadership skill development course covers all important aspects of communication while also providing practical case examples and situations that could occur in a real life work environment.


Encouraging and promoting teamwork boosts productivity, makes employees feel more engaged with their tasks and prevents employees from feeling isolated. Teamwork can be promoted using team-building exercises and bonding opportunities. Furthermore teamwork and workplace culture must also be considered when hiring new staff in order to make sure that they fit into the workplace culture. The leadership skill development course dives deep into various methods on how to encourage and promote constructive and efficient teamwork without distracting too much from the tasks at hand.

Positive feedback and rewards

Giving positive feedback and rewarding a job well done motivates your team even further and encourages hard work by recognizing it. The power of positive praise is sometimes overlooked, however it inspires team members during the progress of reaching team goals. When giving praise being spcific and explaining how the actions helped the company achieve certain goals is important in order to achieve maximum benefit. Priase must be honest and personal. For more guides and methods on giving feedback and rewards to employees book this leadership skill development course now!

All our courses are highly practical and use real life scenarios in order to prepare you for what can occur in your daily work. Monday morning readiness is a key philosophy that we apply to all our training courses.