Anti Money Laundering for Retail

Currently mainly retailers dealing with high value goods may be the target of money launderers, for example:
• Jewelry shops
• Antiques dealers
• Diamond brokers
• Art dealers
• Other high value dealers (products with >$10,000 value)
Furthermore, any retailer may be vulnerable and provide a gateway for money launderers as retailers provide an easy access to the financial system via:
• Fixed value cards including electronic gift cards
• Bank transfers
• Debit and credit cards
• Cash

What you’ll learn

• Why you need to undertake anti-money laundering measures
• Where to begin in order to setup a compliant AML program
• How to implement internal controls
• How to analyze the relevant risk factors in order to apply a risk-based approach
• How to create a policy
• How to raise staff AML awareness and undertake AML training

Intended audience

• Entry-level AML compliance professionals
• Individuals looking to start a career in Retail AML compliance
• Retail business owners and their staff
• Individuals working in retail

Course characteristics

• Online and self-paced
• AFC-Nuggets
• Knowledge Checks
• Highly interesting due to the inclusion of real-life example cases
• Fun and interactive
• Final assessment with possibility of certification